Custom Digital Painting



I can accommodate any size up to 44"x44" . Pricing does not reflect shipping and is dependent on printing option and location. A deposit of $150 is required for all digital commissions.
Size Fine Art Paper Fine Art Paper w/ chosen frame Loose Canvas Stretched Canvas- 1 1/2" profile Framed Stretched Canvas - 3/4" profile
18x24 $276 $396 $338 $444 $538
24x24 $300 $420 $354 $488 $560
24x36 $366 $486 $514 $600 $654
30x40 $360 $720 $508 $760 $796
36x36 $396 $750 $538 $748 $992
44x44 $522 N/A $568 $944 N/A


Who is the custom digital painting ideal for?
-A commissioned digital painting is perfect for those who are on a shorter deadline and/or people who have a small budget but still want a piece that is unique and fits their decor.
Will my painting be signed?
-Of course! A custom painting wouldn't be complete without a signature. Depending on what printing option you pick my signature and date will either be on the bottom right on the front (paper/framed option) , or on the back (canvas option).
The Process
What is the turn around time for a custom digital painting?
-The actual creating process will take between 1-2 weeks and the printing and framing will take another 2-3 weeks, depending on what printing option you choose.
If you are on a tight deadline, please let me know! I will be more than happy to work with you on enusuring that your painting will arrive on time. Please note that additional rush and shipping fees may apply.
Can you match the colors of the painting to that of my fabric samples/decor?
-I will definitely try my best to match the colors as close as possible. If this is a major concern for you we can work closely by ordering samples of the painting printed on the selected material (ie paper, canvas), and adjust the painting accordingly. It is an additional $10/sample. Please note that this process will increase the overall timeframe.
Will I be able to see the painting before it gets printed?
-Yes, of course! I want you to be 100% happy with your painting. As part of my process I will not only send you a snapshot of the actual painting, but I will also Photoshop it into the images that you sent me of your space. This will give you a better visual of what it will look like with the rest of your decor. 
What are the printing options?
Paper Prints:
Printed on Bright White 100% acid free cotton rag paper. This paper has a fairly smooth matte texture and the paper has a medium weight.
Canvas Prints:
---Rolled Canvas 
Rolled canvas means that it comes without the stretcher bars. Available in a matte or glossy finish. The canvas is also sprayed with a protective coating that helps protect your painting from harmful ultraviolet light. The print will have an additional 1" white border. It will be mailed to you rolled up and shipped in a tube. You could then take this to a framer and it get mounted, framed, or stretched; or if you are really handy you can stretch it yourself.
International Buyers: If you would like a canvas print, this is the only option available to you.

---Stretched Canvas Prints- Ships only within the continental U.S.:
Stretched on 1.5" bars with the sides in white. Available in a matte or glossy finish. The canvas is also sprayed with a protective coating that helps protect your painting from harmful ultraviolet light. It comes wired and ready to hang. 
I originally wanted a 24"x24" piece but not I want a 36"x36" size.
Can I change the size of the painting after it's been completed?
This is posed as a general question to illustrate my answers below:
-Changing the size after the work has been done depends on how big of a difference the two sizes are. Typically a digital painting can be enlarged, but only by about 10-12" . A 24"x24" can be enlarged to an absolute maximum size of 36"x36", anything larger than that you can see a loss in quality. I suggest that if you are thinking of two possible size, please give me the larger size for technical reasons. It is a lot easier to scale down than to scale up.
I am an international customer, can I still order a custom digital painting?
-Yes, absolutely! However, I am unable to ship stretched or framed canvas, and framed prints internationally. We can print your final painting on fine art paper or loose canvas, you can then take it to a local framer to have it framed or stretched.
Will my painting be sold in your shop?
-No, absolutely not! These custom paintings are one of a kind, just like a traditional painting. You will be the only one in the world who will have that painting. 
Purchasing a custom painting does not transfer copyright and cannot be resold, or reproduced in part or whole without consent from the artist.