Custom Digital Painting Example

If you have read my digital commission page, you might be a little curious about what that process actually looks likes. I try my best to make it as simple as possible, and it's really a lot of fun. So, on the example. My client, Maria, has kindly allowed me to use her commission as an example.

Maria contacted me because she was in the middle of redecorating and had trouble finding an art piece for her dinning space that was large enough for her space and encompassed the colors and feeling she was looking for. She had a budget of $600.


She sent me a picture of her empty wall in her dinning space, which is open to the living room. She was in the middle of redecorating and was planning on adding blue/teal curtains and replacing the pillows on the couch. Her main goal was to tie in all of the colors she was incorporating in the design to make it look more cohesive. She wanted the painting to be bright and airy but also have some interest.


I consulted with her on what size would work best, as well as the different printing option that would work with her budget. She decided on a 40"x30" framed print. 



Since color matching was a priority, she sent over a swatch sample of the pillows she was having custom made by Arianna Belle. Once I received the sample, I scanned it in and pulled the colors from it. Now that I had a color palette to work with, and keeping in mind the overall feeling she was looking for, I set to work.


I started with the general idea of the composition.



I wanted to keep the darker colors on the edges and the lighter colors in the middle to create almost like a vignette. I showed her what I was working on and she loved it. But requested for the lighter areas to be brighter, and for the darker colors to be filled in a little more. No problem, I tell her.

The final painting
Mock up of how the final painting will look her space. It's perfect, she says.



I send her the invoice for the final payment, and get it sent off to my printer. Once I receive it, I sign it on the back and send it off to get framed. She has chosen a beautiful silver framed with a beaded detail on the inside.


She sent me picture of her final space with the new curtains. Gorgeous!