Custom Paintings

Custom paintings by Parima Creative Studio

So you like my painting style, but you didn't see anything in the color scheme or size you were looking for. Not to worry! I would be more than happy to create something custom just for you. In this page I will walk you through the process of commissioning a painting from me for your already beautiful space. I try to make this as easy and painless as possible. It's not as intimidating or daunting as it sounds, I promise.


How to Get Started

First, read over this page and decide if you think we’re a good fit. Then contact me with the following information:

  • What size painting do you require? If you are on the fence or are not sure, just let me know and I would be more than happy to give you a recommendation. 
  • Send me an image of the wall where the painting will be placed, as well as an image of the surrounding space. -What colors would you like? -Which of my current pieces do you like, and what do you like about them? 
  • Feel free to send me any inspiration images, color swatches, fabric swatches, etc. If you would like me to match up specific colors in your space, and you have a physical sample, you can send it via snail mail.

Once the email has been received with the info I will let you know how much your project will cost, give you a shipping estimate, and most importantly a start and finish date.

After we clear all of that up, I will send you an invoice for the total amount. A non-refundable down payment of 30% must be placed in order for me to begin working on your custom painting. Once you have submitted the payment, I will create a digital sketch that will include the composition and color scheme. This will act as a general outline. Once I think that it is absolutely perfect, I will send you the image and hope that you will also think that it is absolutely perfect. If it's not, that's okay. I will go ahead and make changes to make it just right. I will also photoshop said sketch into the images you sent me of your space, so you can get a clear idea of what it will look like all together.



That being said, I only allow a maximum of 3 revisions. Why three? Because it stresses the importance of clear communication, and solid ideas. If I allowed, let's say 6 revisions, then there is more room for the client to change their mind, and when ideas are changed constantly, it prolongs the project time. My time, as well as yours, is extremely valuable and the rule of three helps to remind us of that.


The Process

After you have approved the proof, I will then translate the digital version into an actual painting. I will add layers to give the painting some more depth and character. After I am done, I will send you a snapshot of the painting for your approval. 


Final Steps

Once you’ve given the final approval, I will seal your painting. This process takes 2 weeks! Long I know. But it is absolutely essential. The seal is of archival quality, which means that your painting will last for decades. What makes the process so long? Well, I have to add several layers of a clear topcoat that need ample time to dry. This topcoat will protect the paint film from the varnish that I will apply two weeks later. It acts as a barrier. If in decades from now there is dust or it gets dirty, the varnish can be taken off with mineral spirits without it affecting the image (thanks to the topcoat), and can then be re-varnished. It will look like new! 



Painting will be shipped via USPS, FedEx, or Crater and Freighters. The cost of shipping and carrier will vary, depending on your location and size of painting. It can range from $50-$400.


Time Frame

The entire project will take about 6-8 weeks. It will all depend on the size, complexity of the painting, varnishing time, and my current workload.

-What if I need it sooner?
If you are on a deadline and you know you’re on a deadline, please please please let me know right away! It should be included in the initial email you send me. Letting me know that you need it a week before your deadline, is not ideal- and most likely not possible. I understand that sometimes opportunities come up, and you want your painting to be there for that special moment. Contact me as soon as you find out yourself, and we will discuss the situation. Rush orders are subject to a rush fee and possibly also additional shipping costs.



These prices are for abstract paintings only, and do not include the shipping price. If you would like a floral painting please contact me for an estimate. Floral paintings require more preparation and work, so price will be higher.

Size (in inches) Full Price 30% Non-refundable Deposit*
16x20 & 18x18 $425 $127.50
20x20 $470 $141
24x24 $600 $180
24x30 $715 $214.50
24x36  $1145  $343.5
30x30 $1110 $333
30x40 $1310 $393
36x36 $1335 $400.50
36x48 $1740 $522
40x40 $1870 $561
48x48 $2120 $636
48x60 $2525 $757.50
60x60 $3000 $900

 *conditional on two day waiting period

Do you need a different or odd size than what is listed above? No worries! I have my canvases custom made, so I can accommodate just about any size. Just send me an email and I will give you a quote.



For the deposit I accept both check and credit card (via PayPal). For the remaining balance I will only accept a check. Your painting will only be shipped after your check has cleared with my bank. If your check bounces back a $12 charge will incur.

If you would like to pay the remaining balance with a credit card (via PayPal), a 3% fee of the total amount due will be added. Request for this option must be made in writing.

All painting shipped to California will be charged a sales tax of 8%.


Parting of Ways

The “non-fun” stuff or otherwise known as cancellations and refunds. Let’s say that we are down to the last revision (or an extra one was given), and you feel that I am not portraying your idea correctly. Then it is best to shake hands and go our separate ways. It is very sad, but believe me it is better this way. Remember that the initial 30% deposit is non-refundable. The only way you will receive your 30% deposit back is if you decide to cancel before I have placed the order for the canvas. I usually wait about 2 days after we have agreed to start the process.


Still unsure or nervous about it all?

All I can say is that if you are really serious about having something created just for you and you dig my style of painting, then the whole shebang is going to go pretty smoothly. However, if you decide to hire me and you feel I am not conveying your idea properly because it actually turns out that what you really want is a painting of your dog; then, you may require someone who specializes in animal portraits.

I know this is a lot of info to take in. Especially, if you are just starting to consider commissioning a painting. This is a big investment, and I propose taking some time to really think about if this is the right decision for you (I’ll still be here!). If at that point you still have some questions,  I will gladly answer them.


I'm Ready!

Great! I will be extremely excited to hear from you and your project. Email me the information listed above, and we will schedule a date to get started. 

Other notes:
Purchasing a custom painting does not transfer copyright and cannot be resold, or reproduced in part or whole without consent from the artist.