Rectangle White Wood Frame

$ 79.00

Do you love framing with Framebridge as much as I do?! I have been proudly partnered with Framebridge since 2015 to bring you an effortless way to frame your favorite Parima prints. I have added a curated selection to the shop that I think would best match my art.
Simply select your print and then pair with your favorite Framebridge frame. We'll take care of the logistics, and once it's delivered to your door all you have to do is hang it!
About This Frame:
Framebridge Name: Irvine 
Size Details: 1 1/8" wide x 3/4" deep

Final Frame Size- All sizes are in inches:

Print Size Print + Frame Print + Mat + Frame Print Size Print + Frame  Print + Mat + Frame
8x8 10x10 15.75x15.75 20x16 22x18 27.75x23.75
8x10 10x12 15.75x17.75 20x30 22x32 27.75x37.75
9x12 11x14 16.75x19.75 24x16 26x18 31.75x23.75
10x8 12x10 16.25x24.25 24x18 26x20 31.75x25.75
10x15 12x17 17.75x15.75 24x24 26x26 31.75x31.75
12x9 14x11 19.75x16.75 24x32 26x34 31.75x39.75
12x12 14x14 19.75x19.75 24x36 26x36 31.75x43.75
12x15 14x17 19.75x22.75 30x20 32x22 37.75x27.75
12x16 14x18 19.75x23.75 30x30 32x32 N/A
15x10 17x12 22.75x17.75 30x40 32x42 N/A
15x12 17x14 22.75x19.75 32x24 34x26 39.75x31.75
16x12 18x14 23.75x19.75 32x32 34x34 N/A
16x20 18x22 23.75x27.75 36x24 38x26 43.75x31.75
16x24 18x26 23.75x31.75 40x30 42x32 N/A
18x24 20x26 25.75x31.75

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