Talia, Limited edition art print

$ 99.00

Estelle, who's Hebrew origin means "gentle dew from heaven; by the water".

One of my goals as a digital artist is to blur the lines between traditional painting and technology. With previous pieces, I've focused on replicating the effects and appearance of acrylic paints, but with this collection, I wanted them to look and feel like original watercolor paintings.

These prints feature a combination of big bold brushstrokes and gentle washes of color. Printed on extra heavy textured fine art paper with hand-torn edges, mimicking the deckled edges you'd find on high-end watercolor paper.

The final result is truly stunning. Even if you're standing inches away from these pieces, you can't tell they're printed.

Printed on:
-Thick watercolor paper with texture. Each print features hand-torn edges, which means that the edges on each print will be unique :)

Size Available:
- 12"x12"

-16"x16" (size pictured)

Limited Edition:
-This is a strict limited edition of 30! Once they sell out, no more will be printed in that size.

Each print will come signed on the front and numbered on the back, plus it will include a certificate of authenticity.

To ensure the best quality allow 2 weeks for your order to be printed and hand-signed.

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