You've searched high and low for that perfect abstract art piece for what feels like forever.

Not to mention there's always something about the ones that you do manage to find that don't seem quite fit.

The sizes are off, the colors aren't right

..and at the end of the day what you really want is something that feels like you.

It sounds simple enough, but the several months old blank space above your sofa says otherwise.

Today is the day you can finally stop searching because you've just come across the...

The Bespoke Parima

You and I both know that your home is more than just a place to live. It's an extension of you, filled with personality that tells bountiful stories of your travels, celebrations, and cherished memories.

Let me bottle that up in a paint tube, so to speak, and use it to create bespoke art for you that will feel like a natural part of your home.

I create each piece by hand with a digital brush. Each brushstroke, drip, and layer of color is carefully and thoughtfully placed to create the most unique composition.

Printed on the highest quality canvas with archival inks to produce vibrant rich colors.

Then it's finished off with an airy light texture that hints at the appearance of painted brushstrokes, and is sealed with a protective varnish.

Your Bespoke Parima will last you a lifetime.

Let's take a leisurely stroll through the process


Getting to know each other

Fill out the questionnaire with all of your colorful details. Then we'll set up a 30 minute virtual coffee (or tea if you'd prefer ;) ) chat to go over everything and finalize the size, color palette, and overall feel of the piece.

then magic happens

I take everything that we talked about and use it as my inspiration to create you the most beautiful digital painting for you. Once I'm done, I'll send you a digital mockup of what it will look like on your wall!

signed, sealed, delivered. Oh yeah!

After you've given the final approval for the piece I'll have it printed on beautifully thick fine art canvas with the best archival inks available. Light texture is added and sealed with a protective varnish that will keep the colors vibrant for a lifetime.

The printed piece will be signed, numbered as an edition of 1 of 1, and will come with a certificate of authenticity- so you know it's legit.


In 2013 I turned in my acrylic paints and brushes for their digital counterparts. Since then I’ve refined my craft to create pieces that greatly blur the line between traditional paintings (a.k.a. made with acrylics, oils, etc) and digital ones.

Since then my art has been displayed by private collectors all around the world, luxury hotels, national magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, retail stores like Anthropologie and West Elm, along with debuts on the big screen and network t.v.

Now I'm opening up limited spots to create bespoke pieces for wonderful individuals like you! Similarly to how I would begin a traditional painting I start with a blank canvas that layer by layer slowly transforms into a lively piece. Filled not only with vibrant colors, but more importantly with heart, and soul.

"My intention is to create joyful art for a colorful life"


watch the video below

Each piece is created by hand and a digital brush. Each brushstroke, drip, and layer of color is carefully and thoughtfully placed to create the most unique composition. Printed on the highest quality canvas with archival inks to produce the most vibrant rich colors. In other words, it will last you a lifetime.


I do this cool thing where I...

Work with large sizes. No problem :)

... can easily accommodate extra large sizes, up to48"x108"! But if you need something larger I've got a solution for that too.

Can color match. Saaay what?!

...can color match the palette of your Bespoke Parima with any colors of your existing decor, helping you create a cohesive look. All I need is a physical sample or a really good product photo.

The investment details


Prices start at $1597 for an 18"x24" and $1797 for a 24"x24".

Need a quote?

Form may take a few seconds to download

You may have spotted some of my work on

Ready to hang your own Bespoke Parima?


What's the largest size available?

Currently the largest size I can create is 48"x48" for square sizes and 48"x108" for portrait/landscape sizes.

How long does the process take?

The entire process takes about 6 weeks, but if you need it by a certain date please let me know! I'll do my best to accommodate your deadline. A 25% rush fee may apply.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is dependent on the final size of the piece and it's final destination. Art pieces over 40"x60" will have to be shipped via a crate and freight service.

Do I own the rights to the piece?

The artist retains all rights to the piece.

Fill out the form and FINALLY fill up that blank wall space.

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