a mix of passions

come together harmoniously in my painterly images, sparking a sense of joy and curiosity.

oh hello!
I'm Patricia Vargas

I'm a visual artist obsessed with all things color, and I currently live in the little town of Chino, CA with my husband and tabby cat, Arya.

My story in a hot minute goes a little something like this: I was a former acrylic painter and designer who was also enthralled with technology. One day, I discovered that I could combine my passions to create painterly imagery using my computer as my canvas and a drawing tablet as my brush.

Now I create custom large-scale abstract art for design lovers, like you, who are looking to add a distinct wow-factor to their blank walls.

I believe that
magic is all around us, and at the core, it's my source of inspiration

It's the type of inspiration that allows me to be endlessly curious. One day the colors or shape of flowers might attract my attention. The next, it could be the marvelous ornate details that line the walls of historical and ancient architectures; or it could simply be the way various hues of greens found in forests create dynamic and immersive scenes.

Whatever form my inspiration takes, the elements that I’m looking for are all the same. These are places, objects, and minute details that transport us to somewhere delightful and truly divine.

Things that exude a sense of wonder and excitement. Those are the elements that I hope to transpire into my work and ultimately into your home.
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Favorite Flowers: Peonies + Juliet Garden Roses
Speaks: English & Spanish. Bienvenido!
Top of Travel List: London, New Zealand, Japan
Favorite Design Magazines: House Beautiful + AD + Elle Decor
Drinks: Vodka on the rocks + lemon wedge
Down time: Love reading books that expand my view of the world.

when you love& laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life ®

I have my mom to thank for inspiring my beginnings in art. She's an artist too, she might not call herself that, but she is. She paints beautiful landscapes and is incredible at drawing.

Naturally, growing up, I wanted to be like her and asked if she could take me to the store to buy me my first art supplies.

She got me a simple acrylic Sirius paint set and some inexpensive canvas boards to practice on. As soon as I got home, I uncapped all of the paint tubes and started painting my first masterpiece. It had a plain butter yellow background with several red flowers that only had 4 petals each, all of the flowers were interconnected with a green vine and leaves. My parents humored me and encouraged me to keep going :).

That was enough motivation for me to spend the next 20 years continuing to paint, study, and grow as an artist.

I eventually made my way into the art program at the University California of Santa Barbara, where I learned that my real talent laid in abstract art. I graduated with a degree in art and began working as a web and graphic designer.

But life has a funny way of redirecting our paths. After four years of doing design work for private clients, it no longer fulfilled my creatively needs as it once did.

In 2012 I returned to my art and decided that this was a good a time as any to pursue my life long passion.

I officially opened Parima Studio on January 22, 2013. For several years I created both digitally and with acrylics, respectively, but all within the same themes of joy. However, it wasn't until 2016 that I decided to make digital painting the core focus of my work. I felt that the digital medium most accurately reflected my passion for art, design, and technology.

It's been a crazy ride right from the start, and one that I wouldn't trade for the world.

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