Artist Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio - meet the artist

Hi! I'm Patricia Vargas

I am a first generation Mexican-American digital artist living in a small town in the county of Los Angeles. I began Parima Studio in January of 2013 with the intent of creating joyful art for a colorful life®

As someone who grew up in the 90's, my art showcases my equal love for digital and analog worlds. I develop my own digital brushes and elements that emphasize organic texture and form.

I use my drawing tablet and computer to capture my hand motions and they are recorded as digital brushstrokes. I love to create abstract artworks that have an ethereal feel and are heavily layered with painterly details.

My use of color stems from my vibrant culture as well as my passion for design and botanical themes.

After I've completed the artwork on screen, it is then printed on fine art paper. Each print is made to order.

Artist Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio
Artist Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio

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