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my intent is to create

joyful art for a colorful life®️

artwork inspired by a deep love for botanical themes and ethereal spaces

"Whenever I travel I always look for restaurants, hotels, and botanical gardens that make their patrons feel like they've been transported to another world. There is nothing I love more than losing myself in the minute details that make up the sublime atmosphere of these spaces. It's an aspect that I try to incorporate into my own work."

how my mom, sister, and harry potter changed the course of my life

The short version

I'm Patricia Vargas, the artist behind the studio, and I am a first generation Mexican-American digital artist living in a small town in the county of Los Angeles with my husband and cats.

I have an art degree from the University of California of Santa Barbara.

In 2013 I hit publish on and began my journey as a professional artist.

where does the

name Parima Studio come from?

As you may have noticed by now my own name is not Parima, but in fact Patricia. The name Parima is an homage to two of the most wonderful women I have ever had the privilege of knowing- my mother and sister. Throughout my life they have been a major part of my support system, and I deeply cherish my relationship with them. I combined all our names to form PA-RI-MA.

about the process

a different way of creating paintings

Most are surprised to learn that my art does not start off with a traditional set of canvas and paints. The art I create starts and ends with technology and digital tools that record me hand motions.

you might have

seen me on

how we can

work together

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