Can I get the print in a smaller, larger, or cropped size than what is offered?
The sizes that are offered are the sizes that are proportionate to the image. In some cases some prints can be printed at a smaller size, but this is considered a special order print and will be charged as such.

The largest size that any print can be printed at is listed on the each respective product page. I will not print them any larger than that, because it will diminish the quality of the image.

I will not crop my images to fit your frame. Sorry! They are as they are. A custom mat that fits your frame will easily fix this issue. And if you're super set on cropping it, you can also have it trimmed down by a local print shop.

Can you change the colors on the print?
No, sorry! As I've said, my prints come as they are. I created them to look that way for a reason. If you need a specific color palette, I would love to create a custom piece for you.

Can I buy the digital file of the print so I can print it at home? I promise I won't share it, or sell it.
It's good to hear that you are a good hearted person, and you probably won't share it or sell it. But my files are an essential part of my business. It's how I make the prints! They are like my babies, and I must protect them any way I can, especially in this digital age. And if I were to sell my images, they would cost a significant amount more than the print price :)

If price is a concern for you, I highly recommend signing up for my newsletter. Subscribers get the best deals when I have a sale (about once a season)- saving an extra 5-10%. Convinced? Sign up here.

I love your animal prints, do you offer custom animals?
I am slowly building up my little zoo, but if you would like a different animal than what is offered I would be more than happy to create one just for you. They are super fun to make! It is $50 per animal. This includes a digital proof, a revision, and the final physical print on 8.5"x11" paper. If you are interested, you can email me with more details of your space and color and pattern preference.




I live outside of the U.S., can I still buy an original painting from you?
Yes! I will take the painting off it's stretchers and mail it to you rolled up in a tube. This will not affect the painted image. Once you receive it you can take it to a local printer/framer and have them stretch it for you. If you happen to be really crafty you can stretch it yourself, just purchase the right size bars.

I had my eye on a painting, but it sold.
Not to worry, I can make one in a similar style and color palette (or we can customize it to fit your decor). You can learn more about commissioning a piece from me.



Commission a Painting

This section has it's own page, which can be viewed here. It's pretty detailed, but if you still have questions you can always email me.



US Shipping/Orders

My tracking number says that the package is delivered, but I didn't see it in my mail box.
Your package could have been lost or stolen. But before you jump to that conclusion, I advise that you first check with your neighbors to make sure they didn't accidentally get it. I have also had cases where local post offices hold the packages, for some reason. So I recommend checking in with them to see if they have it. You may want to ask if they know which carrier had delivered your package that day. They may be able to shed some light on the situation. You must work quickly, though, if you let too many days pass by the post office may not be able to help you.

If it is completely lost please contact me. I will file a claim with the mail insurance company, and send you the paperwork (it's actually electronic) for you to sign confirming that you have not received the package. This is real serious legal stuff folks. If you say that you didn't receive the package, when you really did, it is considered insurance fraud (so please don't try to cheat the system- not that I think you would). Once the case is complete I will send you your replacement. Please note that this can take a couple of weeks.

My print arrived bent :(
I try to package my prints in sturdy material to prevent this from happening. I even place a really bright neon sticker on the front that says “do not bend". However, some mail carriers are determined to bend them. If this has happened to you please send me an snapshot of both the damage on your package and print. I will then send you a replacement.




International Shipping/Orders

I am an international buyer and the tracking for my order has stopped in Los Angeles?
I ship all of my international order in a tube so that they qualify for First Class International shipping. This greatly saves on shipping costs, however their tracking stops in the U.S.. If you would like to track your package during its full route, then I can upgrade your order to priority (the price is usually about double). This is only done upon request, and before I ship the order.

I am an international buyer, and my order status says shipped but it's been two weeks and I still haven't received it.
Unfortunately once I take a package to a mail carrier it is no longer under my control. If it has been two weeks and you still haven't received your print it could be that it is being held up in customs- it sometimes happens. I would suggest waiting another two weeks.




The print/painting doesn't match my decor as I originally thought it would, can I return it?
Due to the nature and delicacy of paper all sales are final. If I do grant a return for whatever reason, it must be returned in its original condition. If the print is received bent (especially the corners- and not even a little bit), marked, dirty, scratched, or basically anything less than mint condition, then it will not qualify for a refund. It sounds harsh, but I want all of my future customers to receive the same quality of product that you received originally. A restocking fee of 15% will also be charged.

If you are unsure of how a print will look in your space, I offer a nice little service where I photoshop it into your space for free. This way you can visually see what it will look like without the hassle of purchasing and returning it.

If you want to see if the colors of a print match the colors in your home, please contact me and I will send you a printed "swatch" for free. I highly recommend doing this if color matching is a concern for you. All computer monitors and gadget screens display colors differently, so if you are iffy about it it's best to request the swatch.

I bought a frame for the print and it doesn't fit, can I return it?
This does not qualify for a refund. It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to know what you are purchasing. Size and descriptions are listed on each product page. However, each print is individually cut by hand so I highly recommend waiting to receive the print before purchasing your frame. 

If I accidently send you the wrong size, please contact me and I will have you return the original piece, and I will send you the correct size.




Can I sell your prints and paintings in my store?
Only if you hold an approved wholesale account with me, you can sell my prints. Paintings are not available for resell.

How can I apply for a wholesale account?
I only accept a limited number of wholesale accounts. I also only approve shops/ brick and mortar stores which I think best represent and hold my same target audience. I am currently not accepting any online retailers, sorry! Please contact me to learn how to apply.



Trade Discount for Interior Designers & Stylists

Do you offer discounts to designers and stylists?
Yes! Please contact me with your name and a link to your website (for verification, of course) and I will send you a special code to use at checkout.

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