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The Process: The Waterfall

A few weeks ago I started hitting a bit of a block with my abstracts, so I decided to take a break and go back to my roots. I have been painting different versions of this waterfall for many years now. It has steadily improved every time I paint it- maybe because I learn new techniques and have a more practiced hand. Sometimes it will have a garza in the water, sometimes it will have an island.

I love to document my process. I don't do it with all of my paintings, but I do try to do it as often as possible, especially with paintings like this where there is more attention to detail. I also like to find out other artist's process and compare with my own.

Some people like to do what is know as an "under painting", and it's basically a sketch with light paint on the canvas. I have never really gotten accustomed to doing that, unless its a portrait, and usually just start adding detail straight away. Though I did do it a bit in this painting for the bottom flower portion.


This particular painting was done in acrylics and is a small piece- 12"x12".