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Artist FAQ

Answers to the most commonly asked questions by artists.
Please note this page contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you purchase something using the links.

Q: Do you have workshops on how to create your style of art?

A: No, at this time I don't teach others how to make my style of art. Sorry!

But if you're interested in learning more about painting digitally you can check out Cat Colliquette's or Gabrielle Brickey's class on Skillshare

Q: What kind of tablet do you use?

A: I use an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil when I'm on the go, but when I'm in the studio I use an XP-Pen tablet. Though you should know that the XP-Pen is not a tablet in the same way as an iPad. It's essenitally an extra monitor for your computer that you can use with a pressure sensitive pen. It will not work without connecting it to a desktop or laptop.

Q: What kind of digital brushes do you use?

A: For a long time I used just the default brushes that came with the programs, but recently I have started making my own. I highly recommend playing with the brush settings on your chosen program, you'd be amazed at how differently it can look with just a few tweaks.

Q: What programs do you use?

A: Procreate, Corel Painter, Photoshop

Q: Can you share your resources on where you make your prints?

A: I make my own prints in-studio. Though I highly recommend researching to see if you have a local print lab in your area. It's always nice when you can work with someone locally. They can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding the right substrate to print your artwork on, and making sure it best represents your art.

Q: Can you tell me how to get started selling my art?

A: I wish there was a simple 1-2-3 step formula that I could give you, but starting and running a business is complex and varies for each person. But what I can do is suggest some starting points:

If you're looking to sell collections and original art I recommend Emily Jeffords.

If you're looking to sell prints Laurie Anne Gonzales

If you're looking to do art fairs, markets, or selling online I recommend Megan Auman's Artists and Profit Makers

If you're looking to add additional passive income to your business I recommend my other business The Limitless Artist

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I'm here to help artists understand and embrace passive income in their business. This means they can worry less about the business side of things and spend more time doing what they truly love - creating amazing art.

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