Framing Tips




Finding frames with pre-cut mats can sometimes be a challenge, and it is a help question I often get asked. So I have complied a list of frames with mat openings that best fit my print sizes.

Remember that you can always get a custom mat made for whatever frame you have. Visit Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Arron Brothers, tell them the size of your frame and the size of the opening. You can also get them done online at Matboard and More, a good option if you're getting a few at the same time.

Standard Frame with Mats -
Please note if you are viewing this on a mobile device, and the numbers are stacked on top of each other, the image size is on the top and the corresponding frame size is on the bottom.

Image Size (in) Frame Size (in)
8x10 11x14
11x14 16x20
16x20 20x24
20x30 24x36 
22x32 30x40


Square Frames with Mats

Image Size (in)
Frame Size (in)
5x5 9x9
6x6 10x10
8x8 12x12
10x10 14x14
12x12 16x16 / 20x20
16x16 20x20
20x20 24x24
24x24 28x28 


Places to purchase frames.

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