Reflecting on my art during a trip to Muir Beach & Tiburon


Artist Patricia Vargas visits Muir Beach, CA - Two birds flying

the next evolution of my art

For nearly a decade, I have been known as the artist who makes ultra colorful abstract prints. And while neither the color or print aspect of my art is changing, the style is definitely evolving.

For so long I have focused primarily on creating non-figuritive shapes. Individually these shapes don’t represent anything. It was always about the capturing the mood or feeling as whole. I’ve pulled inspiration from nature, design, architecture, lighting,texture, and more. All mixed together to create what you’ve seen thus far.

Artist Patricia Vargas visits Muir Beach, CA

But now I’m simultaneously craving something more, and something less.

Artist Patricia Vargas visits Muir Beach, CA - The entrance to the beach
Artist Patricia Vargas visits Tiburon, CA - My husband walking through the charming downtown

I don’t know what that looks like yet. Though I’ve been experimenting with abstract art that’s inspired by a single subject instead of many.

I feel called to slow down. Do less to enjoy more. To travel both near and far. Right now everything feels like it’s shifting. It feels like the end of things equally dotted with excitement for what’s new, whatever that may be.

Artist Patricia Vargas visits Muir Beach, CA - My husband and I at the top of a hill
Artist Patricia Vargas visits Muir Beach, CA - Shots of my husband

Recently my husband and I took a trip with our friends who live up north to Muir Beach and Tiburon. It’s amazing how different the climate is up there compared to LA. It’s always a treat to see the mass of greenery and wildlife, and this trip did not disappoint.

In abundance we saw flocks of birds fly across the cloudy sky. They looked so peaceful floating through the air. Their gentle movement got me thinking about what it must feel like to glide from place to place with such ease. I want to bring that effortlessness into my work.

Artist Patricia Vargas visits Tiburon, CA - View from our hotel- we could see San Francisco

I don’t know what it looks like yet. I just know that want it to have that same sense of tranquility, and that it might not necessarily resemble anything I've done before.