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Color Field Series - Exploring nature and texture

Color Field Series - Exploring nature and texture


It should come as no surpirse by now that a lot of my art is inspired by nature, and this series is no different.

Lately I've been obessing over aerial photogtaphy. Going back to my thoughts about patterns in nature, I've realized just how prevently pattern is even when viewed from a great distance. Things that we normal view as known objects start to take abstract shape until all sense of what it is is lost.

For this series, I wanted to explore those shapes and let you, the viewer, decide what they could be. Could they be salt plains? Agriculture fields? Beaches? They could be.

I decided to do these in digital charcoal instead of digital paint because I wanted to give it some earthy texture. And the short pencil marks only add to that connnection to nature.

If you're a design profession you can also purchase prints from this series not pictured here at Four Hands.