A welcome change - In Flight Series


This series is radically different from anything I have ever done before, and you know what? It feels quite liberating.
If I'm being candid with you, this year has been tough, both mentally and emotionally. And from everyone I've talked to, it seems that the same could be said for a lot of people. Maybe you're in the same boat. If you are, I feel you.

The inspiration behind the In Flight series

So this series came about after a brief trip to Muir Beach and Tiburon, California.
Have you ever been?
It was my first time, and I was in awe at how beautiful these small towns were. Everywhere you looked, there were lush trees, abundant foliage, and signs to keep a look out for wildlife crossings. Such a stark contrast to life in and around Los Angeles.
While at Muir Beach, my husband and I hiked to the tops of one of the nearby mountains. From there, all we could see was the vast Pacific ocean stretching out before us. On one side was a cliff with houses practically carved on its edge, and on the other were more mountains beckoning you to follow their trails.
As we stood there admiring the view and catching our breath from the uphill climb, we witnessed several flocks of birds gliding over the ocean and disappearing into the mountainside. For a moment, I forgot everything about everything and just took in this peaceful scene.
The next morning, we awoke in the small and lovely town of Tiburon. Our quaint hotel was right on the harbor, and as we walked out onto their main deck, we could see the tall cluster of buildings that made up San Francisco.
But what caught my attention wasn't seeing the city line magically disappear and reappear amongst the iconic bay area fog; it was once again the seemingly endless flocks of birds effortlessly flying across the ocean. I stood there transfixed. Not because I've never seen birds fly before but because of the hope and sense of relief it provided during a time of concern.
At that moment, I allowed myself to be free of what was transpiring around me and imagined what it would be like to glide gently through life.
Yes, it sounds very idealistic, but is it? ...Or do we make things harder than they need to be by constantly pushing back with our own expectations?
What if we allowed things to be easy? What if we let things unfold naturally and be ok with it? What would that look like?
I'm still in the process of figuring that out, but I know that it must feel like those that I saw birds on my trip.