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Gallery Wall No.1 - Featuring Eliza

Shop this gallery wall feautring Eliza Art Print by Parima Studio


About this series:
I know that one of the scariest things about purchasing art is not knowing how to combine it in your home or space.

What do I pair it with? What size should I get? What is it going to look like all together? What layout should I use?

It can feel like a daunting task. I know, but my goal with this series is to help ease some of that fear (if not all!). I hope to help you create your dream gallery wall and/or spark some ideas. 

I will be featuring some of my own art, as well as art from other artist that I admire. Each post will include the size the of print used in the gallery wall mockup (trying my best to keep the scale as realistic as possible), the price and whether or not a frame is included.

About the gallery wall:
This gallery wall was inspired by the "Eliza" abstract art print. One of my favorite things about this particular pieces is the deep navy blue and the bright pops of pink and warm orange. I wanted to create a gallery wall that would compliment these features without competing with the main print.

Shop this gallery wall feautring Eliza Art Print by Parima Studio

Starting from the first box on the left.

  1. "Eliza" by Parima Studio, size 18"x24" borderless - $144
  2. "Gardenia" by Marjanne Mars, size 7"x10" - $17
  3. "Strands II" by The White Deer, size 13"x13" - $32
  4. "Aurelia" by Parima Studio, size 8"x8" borderless - $36
  5.  "Blue Jays" by Takmaj, size 10"x8" - $18

Frames are not included in the price listed, but are available- see each product for more info. Please keep in mind that scale is approximate!

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Parima Studio prints used in this gallery

Eliza 18"x24" Borderless/ Unframed

Aurelia 8"x8" Borderless / Unframed