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Quick Spring Home Makeover

Does anyone else go all out with their annual spring cleaning? It feels so good to deep clean everything and when it's all done your house somehow feels like new and exciting. Almost like moving into a new space.

Changing the decor in your home can also give you that same feeling. I've found that just by switching up a few key items you can completely transform your overall space.

1. Art has a giant impact on the mood and look of a space. Replacing your current art setup with a new gallery wall or opting for a fresh large scale print from your favorite artist will instantly transform your entire look.
----Print featured is Amara by Parima Studio. It comes in both a fine art paper and canvas version

2. I love having fresh flowers in my home as often as I can, but I also love faux flowers. They will never wilt and last a really long time, obv. Plus changing them out every season or couple of weeks is super simple.
-----Featured faux flowers can be found here.

3. You can reuse your exisiting pillow inserts and add new covers on them. It's a 5 minute task and will make your sofa feel new.
----Featured pillows from left to right: Pink Velvet and Anshun Paprika and Blue , by Arianna Belle

4. Change up your side table lighting to something the compliments your new art and pillows.
----Featured lamp is by Johnathan Y Holly 

5. Spring is filled with a mix of hot and cold days. Swap out those fur throws with one that's more lightweight. It's functional and super affordable
----Featured throw blanket: Peri Home Fringe Throw Blanket

What are some of your favorite changes to make during the spring?

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