Marianna 12x12 Abstract Painting

$ 629.00

Marianna is an abstract painting painted on wood panel with acrylics and oil pastels. 

It is encased in clear non-yellowing resin, and framed in a gold wood frame.

Size: 12"x12"x1.5"

Year: 2018

Sides are unpainted and artist signature is on the back.

About the Vibrante Collection.

It is composed of 8 abstract paintings, inspired by my trip to Guanajuato Mexico in February.

The city is known for its charming brightly painted homes stacking one on top of the other, filling up the mountains nearby. The bright blues, greens, and oranges of these buildings were the main inspiration for my color palette in this collection.

Inside the city is filled with this incredible electric energy. Both locals and tourists bustling about the town plaza or one of the many historical sites. The movement is constant and never-ending.

As I thought of a name for this collection, I kept thinking back to the way the city of Guanajuato felt. So I called it "Vibrante", which is Spanish for "full of energy", and I feel like these paintings are a true representation of that.

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